The Art of Slowing Down…

The Art of Slowing Down…

A common saying goes “Don’t sweat the small stuff”

It may sound simple, yet many of us find it challenging to live a life in balance. Balance is key and the quicker we learn how to do it for ourselves, in whichever way it works for us as individuals, the richer the experience of life becomes…

The busy-ness of our daily lives can cause us to lose sight of the bigger picture and get caught up in the small, everyday distractions and stresses. Over time these seemingly small stresses build up, until  we reach breaking point or burn-out.

So what can we do on a daily basis to just restore the balance in our lives when we do not have the opportunity or the resources to take time out for a retreat?

Keep life simple:

  1. Rest is a necessity so give yourself permission to take time off to just be lazy and unproductive
  2. When you feel overwhelmed, take a short walk in the fresh air as it will clear your mind and slow down your thoughts
  3. Work with intention and purpose as it stops wasting precious time and allows things to be completed with ease and flow, naturally

Learn to slow down:

  1. Divide big tasks and projects into smaller parts and it relieves the tension in the body
  2. Set your own pace and learn to say NO. When someone is pushing you, its ok to let them know they are pushing you
  3. Make a place in your home, at work and in your heart where you can go to for some quiet time or reflection. It is a pause for the soul

There are so many ways to slow down and keep things simple so find out what it is that works for you.

Some ideas I have found really useful:

Stop Just saying stop and then physically standing still allows the whirlwind of thoughts and the shallow breathing to change. In this moment of non-action, just being in the moment, allows the body and mind to just slow down like a fan winding down.                                                                                                                                                             A new ‘trick’ I recently learned was to check the jaw area. Most of us hold a lot of tension in our jaws and it has been found that the when the jaw is tense, the body is tense. When I bring my awareness to the jaw area and consciously let it and my tongue relax and drop, it is as if it gives permission to the rest of my body to also relax.

The power of smell can also help us to slow down and relax. Putting a few drops of orange blossom into a spray bottle and spraying where you are working induces a feeling of calm. Drops of lavender oil in the bath water can work wonders for a stressed body and busy mind.

SmileyAnd the most important tip of all – laughFind something funny and just laugh – a good belly-laugh is the best food for the soul and increases the serotonin and energy levels – instantly. Best of all, it can be done anywhere, anytime too!

As with everything else, it is a choice we need to make and it is up to us to make that choice and then decide to act on it!


Sibylle Stehli has a passion for empowering people to live a better quality life. She uses the practical advice and tips which she shares in her posts, in her own life. While she realises that these are not the only methods to achieve a desired end result, she has found them to be most effective in her and her clients’ lives. Her advice does not substitute any advice or medication given by a doctor or other professional health care practitioner.

Here’s wishing you an enjoyable journey in Simply Living Well!

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