Discover the healing power of The Journey.


The Journey is transformational healing work pioneered by Brandon Bays and is practical while allowing one to get the deepest of results. It has helped thousands of people free themselves from various issues – no matter what their age, background, culture or upbringing. One gains understanding, answers, clarity and direction which allow one to live life in a healthy, wholesome way. Challenges and obstacles encountered in everyday life are easier to handle and there is a sense of inner peace.

Through her own personal journey of post-natal depression, near-suicide, ill-health and weight problems, Sibylle discovered the healing power of The Journey.


There is an expression: “Life is a journey and not a destination…”


Based on this premise, we can understand that we go through our daily lives and we build up a collection of unresolved emotions, beliefs, habit patterns and store away unpleasant memories. Sometimes we unwittingly pick up attitudes and opinions from others based on their life experiences.


Where do we hold and store all of these things?

We store it in our bodies at the level of the subconscious mind and in our cellular structure. When we find ourselves repeating certain disempowering patterns, behaviours, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions which cause us to stay stuck or we sabotage ourselves in some way; we feel as though we are on auto-pilot.

  • How often do you find yourself procrastinating, losing your temper for no reason, feeling stuck or lost or blocked in some way, fearful, emotional?
  • When do you most struggle to make clear decisions and choices for yourself and your life?
  • How many times when you have physical symptoms, general discomfort such as aches and pains; or do you have on-going illness?


Benefits of doing Journeywork:

  • Freedom from common issues such as procrastination, self-sabotaging behaviours, phobias and limiting belief systems which prevent full potential being realised
  • Peace of mind and body as stress levels are decreased
  • Clearer thinking which leads to better concentration levels and the ability to make healthy, conscious choices
  • Increased motivation and zest for life as the mind and body are brought into balance and energy levels automatically improve as a result
  • Improved health, well-being and quality of life as new perspectives are gained and integrated which result in peace of mind




The questions you can ask yourself now are:

  • “How soon do I want to be free from what no longer serves me – disempowering patterns, behaviours, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and emotions?”
  • “By when do I want to be able to make conscious choices for myself and my life?”

Journey Processes are facilitated in English, Afrikaans, German and Swiss-German


For concise information and answers to your questions listen to a short interview facilitated by Alain Howes from Zone Radio with Sibylle about The Journey.

Part 1: TJ Zone Radio Interview with Alain Howes & Sibylle Stehli

by Alain Howes & Sibylle Stehli | TJ Zone Radio Interview

Part 2: TJ Zone Radio Interview with Alain Howes & Sibylle Stehli

by Alain Howes & Sibylle Stehli | TJ Zone Radio Interview

Part 3: TJ Zone Radio Interview with Alain Howes & Sibylle Stehli

by Alain Howes & Sibylle Stehli | TJ Zone Radio Interview

Further research can be done at these links:

Official international website for general information about The Journey

Free mp3 downloads available here – scroll down to Question 7 – “I’m not sure if this method is for me” to access the downloads

To get more information about a Journey Intensive Event:

To find out about the next South African Journey event nearest to you:


“I went through the Journey Process with Sibylle a few times. I didn’t really know what to expect or what it was that I needed to release. All I knew is that I had to make a change. I started the process at a time when there was an enormous struggle between my son and I. Being very similar in nature there were many fights and very little yielding. Through my process I have discovered that the triggers for this behavior have actually been rather simplistic yet profound in my development.

My relationships and true nature have slowly developed and unfolded given the new beliefs which were put in place. I have a better understanding and empathy towards people and their actions. The past no longer holds heaviness for me.

Sibylle is exceptionally thorough and diligent in her work. She watches, observes and intuits a perfectly tailor-made journey for the individual. Every process that I had was different, yet with the same enormous shifts. Sibylle is able to flow seamlessly between genres and topics with ease, keeping a person exactly where they are meant to be to release what is needed to be released.

Sibylle and her Journey work is an extremely important therapy that all should experience.”

Michelle Levy

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

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