Stop the Food Fight

Have you experienced…

  • Going on diet and it just didn’t work?
  • “Starving” yourself in order to maintain that perfect weight?
  • Losing weight, counting calories and then putting it all (and more) back on again after some time?
  • Promising yourself that you will start that healthy eating and/or exercise plan……tomorrow?
  • Joining a gym, paying membership and not going after a few weeks/months?
  • Spending a lot of your valuable time and energy worrying about your weight and what you should or shouldn’t be eating or drinking?
  • An internal struggle when it comes to food – feeling guilty, ashamed or embarrassed about the choices you make or don’t make?

Does your continuous internal struggle with food leave you feeling exhausted and hopeless?

Find out why reaching your desired healthy weight is not just about the food…


Our perceptions around food were formed in our very early years. We were influenced by those around us and their rules, beliefs, thoughts, and promises around food. Added to that are the cultural, religious and social perceptions and rules around food and consumption.

When we take all of these factors into account, it becomes clear that often what drives us to do those compulsive or auto-pilot behaviours really has very little to do with the food.

Many of these perceptions do not serve us in a healthy way and the Stop the Food Fight program is designed to uncover and resolve the ‘hidden’ agendas around food and consumption. It effectively puts an end to the fight with food!

Benefits of doing the Stop the Food Fight Sessions

  • Feeling relaxed and at ease as the internal tug-of-war going on inside is stopped
  • Inner peace around food/consumption by uncovering and resolving what is really underneath the compulsions and auto-pilot behaviours
  • Feeling energised and happy as there is clarity, understanding and new wisdom that emerges
  • Overall sense of well-being as the voice inside is quiet!

Mindful food choices are made with ease and when this is combined with a healthy lifestyle, it allows your body to settle at its optimal weight

What the program entails

Session 1: Uncovering the perceptions and hidden agendas around food and consumption and resolving it through a guided visualization

Session 2: Uncovering the aspects of control, limiting labels and limitations which we place on ourselves around food and consumption and resolving it with a guided visualization

Session 3: Changing a limiting behaviour and doing a cell memory introspection to clear out any further dis-empowering aspect/s, while also putting empowering steps in place for a new way forward

What others are saying…

“Stop the Food Fight showed me how my relationship with food is linked to my emotions, beliefs and even my hidden fears. It made me look at how I eat and what I eat in a completely different way. Suddenly, I stopped craving carbs and yearned for healthy, clean-tasting food which is so much better for me. I would highly recommend this journey for anyone who wishes to unravel the reason for their obsession with food and yearns to be released from this unhealthy dependency.”

Georgina Hatch

“Stop The Food Fight has altered my habitual behaviour and unconscious urges. All my “inputs” are now health motivated. I feel balanced and understand myself better. My sessions with Sibylle resolved many issues I never knew I had!”

Delene Kellerman

“I never realized how disordered my eating was until the death of Brian. No matter what suggestions my therapist made, some part of me kept resisting and sabotaging all the plans and I could not put on the weight I lost. I had essentially lost my appetite for life.Sibylle had mentioned the Stop The Food Fight Sessions and I asked if we could perhaps try use it to see if I could gain weight.I am incredibly proud to say that not only did I put on the weight I lost, I put on a few more kg’s and am finally at a happy healthy weight and I can fit into a size 32 without them sliding off! It’s taking a little bit of time to get used to my new shape, but I love my body more than ever and am far more aware of my eating habits.

Thank you Sibylle for guiding me through this process with such care and support, I am so grateful to have done this process with you.”

Jessica Avidon

Appointments can be done either at Grace-Full Living premises or via Skype.

To enquire or book a no-charge, no-obligation introductory meet or alternatively to book an appointment to stop your fight with food…

Contact Sibylle today...

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