Liminality – a period of transition in which normal limits to thought, self-understanding and behaviour are relaxed…leading to new perspectives

Liminality Coaching

Liminality – a period of transition in which normal limits to thought, self-understanding and behaviour are relaxed…leading to new perspectives


There is a lot of material which helps one to develop a business brand, how to market, how to keep up with the trends, etc.

What we often forget is that who we are as a person and how we conduct ourselves in our personal lives; plays a huge role in who we are in our everyday business lives too.

The Free Dictionary defines intrinsic as “of or relating to the essential nature of a thing; inherent”. So it is important to know who we are at an intrinsic level before we can venture out and be the best we can be in the outside world. Our everyday lives have become so multi-faceted that we play many different roles in a day – sometimes to our detriment!

We lose sight of:

  • who we intrinsically are
  • our strengths, weaknesses and values,
  • what is important to us as an individual – our passions and what makes us happy
  • why we are actually here or our purpose.

These things impact our self-esteem, our self-worth and our self-belief which in turn affects our performance in our daily lives and cause unnecessary stress, fear, anxiety and exhaustion.

In addition to this, we have built up a multi-layered belief system about ourselves and our lives, based on our life experiences.

These have a huge impact on how we are able to best utilise our potential, talents, gifts and abilities. We are mostly unaware of what these negative beliefs and perceptions are and how they limit us from living authentically and performing in line with our true potential.


The concept of Personal Branding:

We have grown up with the notion that we need to DO in order to HAVE so that one day – when all is said and done – we can finally BE and live the life we actually wanted to live all along.

There is a major flaw in this formula.

In order to have what we want; we need to do certain things to get them and that all stems from who we need to be in order to accomplish that. This is what personal branding is all about. So your personal brand really is about you; your reputation, who you are and how this influences what you do and how you do it. It is how people experience you, remember you, think of you and what you are known for.


Introducing Liminality Coaching:

The coaching sessions are designed to assist you in discovering your intrinsic value and cover the points mentioned above. The aspects of numerology and colour are also interwoven into the sessions and give you a more complete picture of who you are and how you can best contribute to all the aspects of your life.

It is a process of self-discovery; as the sessions are designed so that you discover your own answers and tap into the innate wisdom you naturally have.

What others are saying…

“Thank you very much for putting together this series, it really has made a huge difference to how I feel and how I perceive the world. The tools that you provided are invaluable. The processes are so subtle and one could easily disregard them as not effective, but it is once you look back over the six-week period that you realize the big changes that have occurred. Thank you very much for this life changing experience.”

Maggie Kotzee

“I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching sessions with Sibylle. Sibylle was warm, helpful and intuitive and she was able to guide me to see things from a new perspective. Not only did I start to see things differently in my life but I felt more empowered.  I left each session with greater clarity, optimism, understanding and a fresh perspective regarding my life. I would highly recommend the course.”

Linda Kavalsky

FB Page: Bright Star Creations

“I did the Liminality Coaching sessions with Sibylle over a six-week period. In short, it is a life changing experience!
The concepts involved in the sessions are nothing short of insightful. You re-assess everything you are and move to another level of being from this. I encourage everyone to do these sessions. The only thing that will happen is that you will become a better person externally and learn so much more about yourself internally. It helped me through some troublesome times and taught me how to understand the circumstances surrounding the issues. Thank you Sibylle, for this profound coaching series.”

Kim Paterson

“I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for helping me through a very difficult time in my life. If it was not for your guidance and life coaching advice I do not know where I would have been now. I have learned so much about myself and about life from you. I would recommend anybody to attend this coaching – not only for personal help but also for professional help.  By being able to find my life’s purpose, having access to internal wisdom and knowing that I have resources to help me whilst being on this planet; are just few of the skills I have learned. Using these methods also helped in a speedy recovery of Fibromyalgia which according to modern western medication cannot be healed. I am 75% healed and trust and believe that I will be healed fully.

You are one of the people on this planet that I am grateful for to God, for coming into my life.
May you and your business venture be blessed with all God’s Love, light and Grace.”

Ilza Coetzee

Appointments can be done either at Grace-Full Living premises or via Skype.

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