“The eyes are the window to your soul” ~ Shakespeare

Sibylle left her 23-year career in optometry in May 2009 and started her Diploma in Iridology with Dr Suzanne Haylett of The South African Iridology Institute in September 2010. She completed the course with her qualification in March 2012 and attends the Annual Iridology Seminars with Dr Haylett to stay updated with the latest research and developments.

The eyes are also called the ‘visible fingerprint of the body’ as they reveal the genetic blueprint which is unique and individual to each person. Through Iridology, using a hand-held camera and advanced photography techniques, Sibylle can access information through the colours and signs in the iris of the eyes. This gives a wonderful insight into the root cause of common everyday ailments as well as long-term symptoms or health patterns.

As Sibylle understands that we are more than just physical bodies, she can also interpret other possible reasons for the symptoms experienced.

By correlating information she gains from the eyes and an extensive case history, she is able to work out a customized plan of action that addresses the root cause and is uniquely tailored to each individual. Iridology is a great way to increase overall health and well-being, for putting prevention steps place in the case of family history of illness and to start and/or maintain an optimally healthy lifestyle.


Benefits of Iridology for the Individual

  • Peace of mind and body as stress levels are decreased
  • Clearer thinking which leads to better concentration levels
  • Improved health and well-being that is done step-by-step according to the information interpreted
  • Increased motivation and zest for life as the body is brought into balance and energy levels automatically improve as a result
  • Improved quality of life as there is peace of mind as well as easy solutions for everyday living that are in line with optimal health


Links for further information

The South African Iridology Institute and Dr Suzanne Haylett

Dr John Andrews


What others are saying…

“My awareness of the knowledge your eyes hold never existed – until I had a session with Sibylle. Sibylle’s professionalism and knowledge around this field is incredible and I felt I was in good hands. Learning to live with certain discomforts changed once I met Sibylle. She offered deep understanding into my life-long discomforts and recommended natural ways to resolve them. Since my Consultation with Sibylle, I now know how to manage my lifestyle and eating, resulting in a happier and more comfortable sense of being.”

Sharon Sinclair

“My session with Sibylle was informative & beneficial, as I was guided to natural healthy solutions. After completing my detox period, I felt much better & slept better. I highly recommend an Iridology session with Sibylle”

Glenn Blake

“When I approached Sibylle Stehli for assistance, I was overworked and over-stressed and very run-down. I felt like everything was taking a toll on my health as I felt sluggish all the time and had very low energy levels.

After my session with Sibylle I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I started the treatment she recommended and within a month I felt absolutely amazing!! My skin was glowing and my eyes were twinkling – literally! I even lost some weight and I suddenly had a lot of energy every single day! Emotionally also I was coping better and very positive. I also automatically changed my eating habits for the better and I still maintain this today.

I would highly recommend Sibylle for any kind of healing – be it emotional or physical.”

Liz Rebelo

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