Abundance is our birth-right – it is already within us!

Our intrinsic abundance has become dimmed through the limiting beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and fears of others that we have unwittingly learned in our journey through life. These have impacted many aspects of money, wealth and abundance that are not in line with Universal Truth and Law AND with who we intrinsically are. Without our realising it; these beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and fears have impacted us and unknowingly put us on auto-pilot.

As can be seen from the quote above, we have been living the Universal Law of Abundance-Wealth-Prosperity in reverse. Our outer world is just a physical reflection of who we are, what we believe, our attitudes and perceptions we have on the inside.

For example if we believe that money is scarce, it doesn’t grow on trees, we have to work hard for money, life is a constant struggle, etc; then this is what we will experience in our daily lives.

The great news is that this can be changed! This is done through some introspection and a willingness to recognise and let go of limiting beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and fears around abundance, money, wealth and prosperity in all areas of life. Then, combining the new authentic outlook with some easy-to-follow manifestation guidelines, it allows the outer reality to re-align with the new inner beliefs, perceptions and attitudes.

This is a continually evolving process – just as we are continually evolving as we progress on our journey through life.

Benefits of doing Abundance and Manifestation work:

  • A sense of relief as new beliefs, perceptions and attitudes are realised
  • Feelings of anticipation and excitement for the beautiful new way of life which is possible
  • Gratitude and appreciation as the sense of “anything is possible” resonates deeply within
  • Renewed energy as the new outlook on life and its challenges is empowered from deep within
  • A willingness to take action which is born from a wholeness and inner knowing of intrinsic abundance on all levels

The Abundance and Manifestation Sessions:

This is a 2-part session and covers the following:

Session 1: 

  • Uncovering limiting beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and fears around abundance, money, wealth and prosperity in all areas of life
  • A guided introspection to deeply clear out everything that has been realised and uncovered AND to replace it all with new, empowering beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and resources

Session 2:

  • Information and guidance on the manifestation steps necessary to bring about the desired changes
  • A practical exercise of implementing the manifestation principles for an area of life currently requiring a make-over

To find out more about The Manifest Abundance Retreat South Africa:

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(Thoughts become things – choose the good ones!)

What others are saying…

“Your process sure had a massive shift in my world!

Wow….things have been happening so much faster and with so much more abundance it is quite extraordinary. I have been so busy at work and am actually getting paid well for it….I am inundated with people asking if they can come and work with me because they are so inspired by the work we are doing.

The cash flow issues are a thing of the past.

I no longer feel intimidated by people and feel that everyone in my world is an equal partner in helping our world realise its full potential…as i have mine. Much love and appreciation for your work and dedication”

Shannon Royden-Turner

“I just wanted to share that after our process work on abundance – one of my issues was there is no free lunch.
So we changed that to “Being alive entitles me to a free lunch every now and then”.

Well, the next week a friend invited me out to lunch and while I was sitting there, I suddenly realised “Hey, I’m having a free lunch!” – so it’s working…

Paula Bongers

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