Feeling Unsettled, Irritated and Restless?

Feeling Unsettled, Irritated and Restless?

It has been a while since I have written and part of the reason for this has been a slightly more rocky and challenging start to the year than I had anticipated.  It has been a time of not being well, then feeling in top form, then lacking energy again and having unexpected obstacles show up. At first glance it seemed as if they had appeared at the worst time…yet in retrospect (and there is value in hindsight!), they were all here at exactly the right time.

All of this has left me feeling unsettled and irritable. This week a feeling of restlessness cropped up and it is as if things are moving too slowly, yet on the other hand the time seems to be flying by when I look at the calendar and we are into April already. It is difficult to plan from one day to the next and sometimes plans for the afternoon change only in the morning or at extremely short notice. This is not exactly conducive to a feeling of inner peace and contentment. There have been times when that has been present for me and it is immensely enjoyed. I have the feeling that something bigger is unfolding in my life…some of the pieces are in the puzzle making up my life and some key pieces are missing still.

How to feel settled at this time

1. Acceptance and Flexibility – the way to allow this is to acknowledge that you are truly not in control here. There are forces at play that are far superior to our Will and when things seem to get out-of-hand, that is when it is time to really take a huge step back and just take a breather…go for a walk, take time out, read, sleep, watch a movie, get together with friends, etc

2. Stay away from conflict – aggression, anger and irritability seem to be very volatile at present. Stay away from situations that could trigger this. It is important especially when it comes to our closer relationships and families – they often tend to trigger these emotions within us often without warning!

3. Look after your health – the physical body may experience fatigue, aches and pains and you may experience bouts of sleeplessness and fluctuations in appetite and weight. Be kind to yourself vs hard on yourself as this is not the time to go on strict diets or strenuous exercise routines, especially if you have not been exercising regularly for a long period of time. Gentleness and kindness to your physical body now will be more beneficial for you in the time ahead.

4. Let go of things which are coming to an end – this can apply to work, partnerships, relationships, habits, etc. Don’t hold onto something that is wanting to move out of your life as this is the way that something new and better can come to you. Remember that a door closes and then many more doors of opportunity open – we just have to stop looking at the closed door to see them.

5. Breathe – in times of stress, panic or anger we often forget to breathe. This can be simply taking a breath or remembering to breathe more deeply. Let the fresh air re-vitalise you with the goodness of the oxygen and breathe out all the stale air. Energy levels are instantly renewed and it feels as if all the old cobwebs have been cleared.

Have a wonderful month further…feeling calm, settled and with renewed direction!


Sibylle Stehli has a passion for empowering people to live a better quality life. She uses the practical advice and tips which she shares in her posts, in her own life. While she realises that these are not the only methods to achieve a desired end result, she has found them to be most effective in her and her clients’ lives. Her advice does not substitute any advice or medication given by a doctor or other professional health care practitioner.

Here’s wishing you an enjoyable journey in Simply Living Well!

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