Conscious Relationships

We have relationships with many people who play different roles in our lives. How we interact with them is largely based on the example of our parent’s relationship they had with themselves and their family and friends. We, as children, then accept that this is the norm…and then we spend time with our friends and their families. A totally different scenario is often present and it can leave us feeling a variety of emotions and cause confusion. Often this is then played out in the types of relationships we find ourselves in when we are older.

Added to this are the fairy-tales, stories and movies we are exposed to that can sometimes impose unrealistic expectations of how we interact with ourselves and others, especially in a close or intimate relationship.

Through our various relationship experiences we may have

  • vows or promises we make to ourselves and others which are no longer appropriate (see an example below)
  • a negative self-image which leaves us feeling as if we are not able to ‘measure up’ to what the perfect or ideal relationship should be like
  • rules for ourselves and others which can inhibit our authenticity, openness and affection…and this is often magnified in an intimate relationship
  • ‘baggage’ which hinders us in finding the authentic relationship we want and deserve

What is a vow or promise?

It is a series of words that are often made when we find ourselves in a difficult situation…it is as if we are making a bargain with God / Higher Power so that we can gain something we need for ourselves at the time. These words take on a life of their own and can be the cause of certain situations occurring in our lives that we seemingly have no control over. We then wonder why we attract and experience the same kinds of people, situations and patterns in our lives over and over again.

An example of a vow or promise that may not be serving its purpose any longer:

Marriage Vows

When we get married we make a promise to each other and God / Higher Power that we will honour the other “until death us do part”. It may not be these exact words, yet any form of this kind of promise has the same impact. We then get divorced and if both parties are still living, this vow is still in place on the other-than-conscious level. How it plays out in our lives is that there may be ongoing delays with finalising the logistics of the divorce, arguments, conflict and difficulty in moving on. It may even delay or prevent us from experiencing a new relationship free from the troubles of the one we ended.


Benefits of doing the Conscious Relationship Sessions

  • Inner peace and calm by releasing old vows and promises which no longer serve you
  • Feeling empowered and authentic through regaining a healthy self-image
  • Experiencing ease and flow in life as the rules that were imposed no longer have a hold
  • Being the best you can be in any relationship you have in your life; such as with family, friends, co-workers, etc
  • Manifesting an authentic, intimate relationship which is free from the baggage of past relationships

What the program entails

This program is suitable for any kind of relationship challenge – self, family, friend, co-worker or intimate

Session 1: Uncovering the various struggles you are experiencing in a current relationship and releasing non-serving vows or promises as well as negative self-image perceptions

Session 2: Uncovering the hidden rules that are present with yourself, the other party and what it is costing you in your life to have these rules. This is then followed by an introspective clearing process

Session 3: Revealing the role models we have taken on through our life which may not be serving us in a healthy and empowered way. This is then followed by an introspective clearing process

Appointments can be done either at Grace-Full Living premises or via Skype

To enquire or book a no-charge, no-obligation introductory meet or alternatively to book an appointment to manifest your authentic self and relationship…

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