Channelling for your Life – You and your Divine Entourage

Channelling for your Life – You and your Divine Entourage

“Dear Reader. 
These posts have been directly channelled through the author’s Higher Self and with the help of her Divine Entourage. It is written in simple terms for ease of understanding, from her point of view and from what she has personally experienced in her life. 
Please take that which resonates with you and put the rest aside; for what may not fully make sense or resonate with you now, may very well do so at another time.”

This is a series of 4 blog posts
Post 1: Our Divine Connection
Post 2: Our Divine Help and Support
Post 3: Communicating with our Inner Being
Post 4: You and your Divine Entourage

These posts are part of a trio of Channelling your Life Workshops – Beginners, Advanced 1 and Advanced 2.
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You and your Divine Entourage

We are a God-Spark and so we are one with God at all times – whether we feel connected or not, believe it or not or are scared of it and deny it not. We have that Divine connection. What we decide to do, as we have free will; can be to choose to embrace this truth for ourselves and open ourselves up to our Divine Heritage, or not.
In the years when I had chosen to disconnect and stay disconnected, I had a very tough path to walk. It was a journey of feeling alone, lonely, depressed, miserable and very negative in thought. Somehow there was a part of me that was determined to survive, as even a planned suicide was stopped in its tracks through the work of the Divine in my life. It was my wake-up call to start allowing myself to open up once again and realise that there is still a purpose for me on this Earth at this time…even if everything inside me was screaming the opposite.

Once I had given myself permission internally to find my purpose, realising through the fog of illness and depression, that an act of Divine Interventions had occurred in my life. The healing on all levels began and through finding, opening up and strengthening my connection, I have overcome more than what I would have been able to without this connection. I check in regularly every day to make sure that I am aligned and on track with  the action steps needed for me to live my full purpose, Truth and potential. There is not a moment that goes by where I do not have infinite gratitude for all that I have lived, what I have experienced and who I have ultimately become and am becoming through being so connected to the abundance of love, help and support that is available.
So what do I mean with Divine Entourage?
For me, it is connecting with my Higher Self, my Soul, the Angelic Realm and the realm of the Archangels and Ascended Masters. Some are with me on an ongoing basis and others pop in and stay awhile until their purpose for making contact with me is completed. How long or short this takes is entirely up to me; as I have the choice with each encounter to either follow the advice and guidance given or not. This in turn depends on my level of trust – not only in the Entourage but also in myself.

It is a very different feeling to have complete certainty and knowing that I am not alone and never will be. I never was – even when I thought and felt on every level that somehow God and the Universe had forgotten about me.
It is empowering to know that I can ask any question and ask for help and it does not matter how large or small that request or question is. From planning my priorities for the day to even getting help for the fastest, safest route to wherever it is that I am travelling to, has saved me many hours of frustration and overwhelm. 

One skill I had to master was the art of communicating with my intuition. It is my internal GPS for life and I have access to it any time. It is an art and a science to be able to fully utilise all it is able to assist me with and it forms a key part to the rest of my Divine communication
In the more recent times when I have been in a challenging place – whether it has been physical, emotional, mental or spiritual – I have had the infinite love, support and patience of my Higher Self, the angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters. There are no words that can adequately describe the gratitude and total peace of mind, body and soul to know that it is there in every moment. All I need to do is ask.
It is my passion and joy to provide a safe environment where I can assist others in connecting to their Divine Entourage. It is my wish that each person can tap into, discover and make best friends with their own Divinity, to have the courage to ask for the help and support which allows their light to shine. We all have unique gifts, talents and abilities. And the world needs them NOW!
Be brave and give yourself permission to open up a whole new world for yourself – it is the greatest act of self-love and will bring rewards far greater than you can ever imagine!


It is time to spread the Love and Light!
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Sibylle Stehli has a passion for empowering people to live a better quality life. She uses the practical advice and tips which she shares in her posts, in her own life. While she realises that these are not the only methods to achieve a desired end result, she has found them to be most effective in her and her clients’ lives. Her advice does not substitute any advice or medication given by a doctor or other professional health care practitioner.

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