Body Alignment - a system of energy healing and energy medicine, addressing health and well-being on all levels

What is Body Alignment?

It is a system of energy healing and energy medicine, addressing health and well-being on all levels.

Body Alignment is an integral part of the Life Alignment System, which addresses health and well-being, personal growth and spiritual development; as well as home, business and environment.

Its founder, Dr Jeff Levin, developed this system through the combination of ancient healing wisdom, modern science and vortex technology.

Transformation occurs from this unique approach to healing through holistic, intuitive and spiritual means.
By changing our internal environments and creating wholeness within, this can then be reflected in our outer world = wholeness without

Benefits of Life and Body Alignment

As with other healing modalities, Life Alignment addresses the root cause of what is physically manifesting in the body. We are an interconnected whole which encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. So in Body Alignment, through muscle testing and working with charts, the root cause of the current issue / challenge / situation which is being experienced in life, is addressed. It works across the entire spectrum – from trauma to self-empowerment and from dis-ease to wellness.

The body’s innate ‘higher intelligence’ identifies the energy blockage and through gentle emotional processing the mind-body system is energised and re-balanced. This in turn gives the body full freedom to heal on all levels through the balancing of the meridians, aura and chakras.

If you are experiencing any of the following, Body Alignment can be beneficial for you

• Depression
• Loss of confidence and meaning in your life
• Trauma, anxiety, stress, emotional overwhelm
• Out-dated, self-limiting belief systems
• Physical ailments such as allergies, infections and chronic fatigue
• Hormonal, immune and digestive system imbalances
• Skeletal and structural conditions and associated pain

The Body Alignment Session

Firstly, muscle testing is used to access the innate intelligence of the body-mind and to establish a line of communication.

The priority issue is then identified, together with the root cause and specific processes required to address the issue.
Through the specific body points, related feelings, thoughts and beliefs, the story is revealed.

By using energy balancing techniques and vortex tools, the energy blocks, negative emotions and toxins are released and the body received the healing energy it needs to come back in to alignment and balance on all levels.

Session Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

Life Alignment is not a diagnostic system, a cure for disease or a replacement for medication or a physician. Please consult your doctor if you have health concerns.


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– Or just ask me any questions you may have about this work.




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