Simply Living Well

Musings from the big breakfast table

Empowered Woman

August is Woman’s Month in South Africa. From being a 1-day celebration in the past, it has now been accepted (maybe not officially) that August is our month to celebrate who we are as women. It got me thinking about why we need to dedicate a certain day or... read more

The Power of Choice

I had an experience over the past weekend that really brought home to me what a powerful thing choice is. It was something that came up unexpectedly and the initial reaction was frustration as I felt trapped, caught off-guard and out of my depth. I have been in a... read more

The Art of Slowing Down…

A common saying goes “Don’t sweat the small stuff” It may sound simple, yet many of us find it challenging to live a life in balance. Balance is key and the quicker we learn how to do it for ourselves, in whichever way it works for us as individuals, the richer the... read more

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