Balance and Harmony

Balance and Harmony

The Meaning of Equinox

In the month of September, usually around the 21st, 22nd or 23rd, there comes a time when the equator of the Earth is aligned with the centre of the Sun. At this time, we experience a time when we have almost equal duration of day and night. This is called the Spring Equinos in the southern hemisphere and the Autumn or Fall equinox in the northern hemisphere.

EquinoxOn a more personal note…

If we look at the picture we see that there is equality of day and night or light and dark. Bringing that back to ourselves, we can recognise that we have both a light and a dark / shadow side. These two need to be in balance and harmony for us to experience inner peace and well-being as if not, then it can also begin to affect our health and ultimately our energy levels and moods.

It is important to sometimes put some focus on our shadow-selves. As we learn to become aware of, recognise and ultimately face the lessons this side is here to teach us, then we have the opportunity to increase our Light and shine as the wonderfully unique individuals that we intrinsically are.

3 Easy ways to restore our balance and harmony:

1. Become Still – take time out from the endless hamster-wheel of life and just BE. In this time we can reflect, become aware of and choose what is no longer serving us so that we can let it go and free our energy and our moods up again

2. Tap into Creativity – whether this is doodling, creating a beautiful garden, trying a new recipe or arranging some fresh flowers…just let your inner child create without judgement or criticism and notice how you feel more balanced again

3. Spend time with a Friend – sometimes just sharing views and ideas with someone else leads to a new perspective on ourselves as others see us differently to the way we see ourselves. What we think may be a negative trait may look like something completely different to someone else and then we can choose to change the view we have of ourselves

So this year our Equinox falls on 23 September – take some time and allow yourself to observe where you may be out of balance and harmony within yourself…and then decide on the changes you would like to make and enjoy the spring-clean!

Happy Spring 2015 :)


Sibylle Stehli has a passion for empowering people to live a better quality life. She uses the practical advice and tips which she shares in her posts, in her own life. While she realises that these are not the only methods to achieve a desired end result, she has found them to be most effective in her and her clients’ lives. Her advice does not substitute any advice or medication given by a doctor or other professional health care practitioner.

Here’s wishing you an enjoyable journey in Simply Living Well!


  1. “…sometimes just sharing views and ideas with someone else leads to a new perspective on ourselves…”

    It would be great to see a Forum develop on this superb website -> a view for growth.

    Thank you for your good words. A very happy spring to you Sibylle ++ the balance shifts toward sunny days, warm skies and a cool breeze on sandy beach.

    • Thank you for your comments Zak – much appreciated!

      I will look into putting a forum onto the site – thank you for the suggestion :)

      I wish you an adventurous, fun-filled Spring too that brings harmony and peace to you and yours.


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