Archangels and Angels are part of our unseen world...


It is largely due to the teachings of Earth-Angels such as Doreen Virtue, Diana Cooper and Darren Linton amongst others; that many of us have had the opportunity to connect with them.

We are often unaware of the role that angels play in our lives. There are many times in our daily lives when we experience synchronicities, seemingly miraculous things happen or we may even have had a gut-feel about an event, taken action and narrowly avoided disaster. These are all examples of angels looking after us on a day-to-day basis.

The term “guardian angel” has been used through the years and this is often the first glimpse of the angelic realm that we as humans have. Some of us are curious and want to know and explore more; whilst others just put the incidences down as pure chance or coincidence.



Sibylle was exposed to the magic of the unseen world from early childhood.

She grew up in a home where alternative practices – such as meditation, crystals, hands-on healing, talk of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides – were considered normal and part of everyday life. She communicated with the unseen world at a very early age and it was encouraged and supported by her parents.

As she was of school-going age in the 70’s and the alternative practices she had been exposed to at home were not as commonly talked about as today; she suppressed her talent and gifts in this area due to peer pressure and wanting to fit in and make friends. It was only after she became seriously ill and reached a cross-roads in her life that she allowed herself to remember and develop her suppressed abilities. As a child, heat and energy used to naturally came out of her hands when people were struggling or ill. By doing the Reiki Master course with Michele Williams, she learned to understand and embrace the healing power of the energy she naturally channelled. The comment she regularly receives in her practice today is that she has ‘magic hands’.

Her first exposure was through the Brandon Bays Journey work when she gained access to her inner wisdom and started opening up to other guidance. She then went on to complete a Psychic Development Course with Carolyn Fletcher and through this she learned to channel messages through for herself as well as for the benefit of others.

She is grateful to her parents for guiding and supporting her when she was too young to understand. It now allows her to help others in many different ways; as well as continually creating beautiful transitions in her own life.



In May 2013, Sibylle heard a radio interview with Darren Linton from Find your Destiny (UK). She decided to try the course he was promoting at the time – Guided by Angels. Through this course, she started understanding what she naturally experienced in childhood and since then has been able to incorporate the help of the angels in her everyday activities. Life and work has become easier, more fun, more light-hearted and she is able to live for longer periods in the present moment. Subsequent to the Guided by Angels Course, she has been doing on-going work with Darren and has completed two more courses with him – Angel Miracles and More Powerful You. She is currently doing his Ascending to Love Course.

She can literally say that life has never been the same again – it truly has become an adventure!


Example of a direct personal experience

“It occurred near the end of July in 2014. I was on my way home from a business meeting in Blouberg and I was waiting at an intersection to cross into Blouberg Road. The traffic light changed from red to green and as I was about to move forward into the road, I got a really strong gut feeling to wait. It made no logical sense at the time and at that moment the urgent words I heard were “Look to the right!” My mind could not understand why I would have to look to the right as I had right of way and the other direction had a red traffic light. Again, even more urgently this time, the words were “Don’t drive. Look to the right!” At that moment, when I looked to the right, a bus came through the red light at high speed. Had I moved forward into the road earlier, the bus would have hit my door and I would not be alive today.”


About the Angel Card Readings

Sibylle combines her skills and intuition to help people gain access to their own inner wisdom. She does this through asking specific questions and giving a person the chance to discover their own answers in conjunction with using the card decks. If there is a specific message which the person needs then she is able to receive it for them. She also incorporates the work of Dr Steven Farmer, author of the book Animal Spirit Guides.

Other aspects that may show up for clients – such as limiting belief systems, fears, phobias – are dealt with in the same session so that the client can literally leave it all behind them.


Brandon Bays
The Journey Global |

Michele Williams
Michele Williams Esoterics

Carolyn Fletcher
Bubbling Well Centre

Darren Linton
Find your Destiny and Guided by Angels



Darren Linton
Find your Destiny and Guided by Angels

Doreen Virtue
Angel Teacher

Diana Cooper 
Angel Teacher

Steven Farmer 
Earth Magic

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