Aligning Self with Life

Aligning Self with Life

We are all used to things changing at a rapid rate these days…take technology for instance. Before we know it, there are new updates, new software programs to install, new social media implementations. It does all seem a bit radical at times!

Recently I got to a point where I had just had enough, Just as I thought I was finally catching up and going to “with the program” for a change, the notifications about updates, upgrades and fabulous new things available poured in. I felt stretched thin, overwhelmed, my brain felt like it was short-circuiting and I was suddenly feeling rather tired…tired of the non-stop new, tired of trying to understand it all…trying to figure out what was applicable for me, my business and my life. I felt literally like I had lost the plot!

I marvel at how the younger generation just seems to take it all in their stride. At 50 I feel like I am a bit slow in grasping the new concepts, yet it seems like my children (at ages 20 and 18 years) seem to be born with all the updated manuals within them and somehow they just regularly re-boot and upgrade. I feel  like an outdated GPS system that needs to be “re-calculating” on a permanent basis.

When the usual methods of meditation, prioritizing and researching were not helping me, I looked at nature and her rhythms. I noticed that there is an underlying order and structure in place, even when the chaos (like earthquakes, tornadoes, floods etc) happen. When things in my life seem chaotic due to all the changes that I feel I cannot keep up with anymore, I realised that my routine and thinking were in chaos as I had somehow lost the order and structure to my life. This in turn threw the rhythm off and chaos ensued. I also realised that I was hesitant in putting in too much of a structured routine as I felt that the spontaneity would be limited. It was then that clarity came in and showed me that if the order and structure in my daily routine is in place, it allows and even welcomes the spontaneity in!


How to allow spontaneity in routine:

Gratitude and Appreciation 

As in the photo above, I first looked at what in my life is working and for which I am grateful for. I decided to focus on the gifts I already have in my life so that there is a feeling of ‘more than enough’, a feeling of being full and in abundance

Finding a new rhythm

I then looked at what in my routine needed a serious upgrade. I got into some habits that were clearly outdated and so, like any good software program, I did a complete upgrade. It immediately left me feeling energised and happy, as things suddenly seemed to be in clearer focus and the possibilities for what I want in my life became visible once again

Regular maintenance with nature as my guide

As there is such a predictable rhythm to nature, no matter the chaos, I now follow the promptings of the moon – as in the picture above. As I do this regularly, things within myself and therefore in my life are aligning themselves and finding their new rhythm and place. It happens in a way that leaves me feeling empowered, happy, energised, on-top-of things and confident. My attitude is better and my productivity has improved.

So just take the first step and you will find the next step will be beautifully revealed for you. Life is about beating the rhythm of your own drum – unique, special and in a way that serves  you and the world at large.

Happy Drumming!!!



Sibylle Stehli has a passion for empowering people to live a better quality life. She uses the practical advice and tips which she shares in her posts, in her own life. While she realises that these are not the only methods to achieve a desired end result, she has found them to be most effective in her and her clients’ lives. Her advice does not substitute any advice or medication given by a doctor or other professional health care practitioner.

Here’s wishing you an enjoyable journey in Simply Living Well!

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