“A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…” ~ Lao-Tzu



When I look back to when my journey started, it’s hard to believe that I once was in such a dis-empowered space within myself and my life. I did not know anymore who I was or what my purpose for being here was supposed to be.


Illness had manifested in my body in the year 2000 and I was in a place where I was contemplating ending my life as there seemed nothing left to live for.


This was all I could see, in spite of the fact that I was blessed with two beautiful children,  a successful career as an optometrist and we had just moved into a new home. All of this did not matter as the will to live was being lost a little more each day…


There was a part of me, however, that was determined to live and so after I had reached out for help in August of 2000, the tide started turning in my favour through a series of “coincidences”.


It has been a fascinating journey of self-discovery and deep transformation; which has given me an understanding of who I really am, what my purpose is for being here and it also taught me to live my Truth every day.


I have been privileged to have met wonderful teachers on my journey of life. Some have become friends, others have become mentors and many have touched my life and helped shape me into who I am today; before moving on.
Deepest gratitude and appreciation is present for the awesome life I am privileged to be enjoying every day.


My prayer is that I can help others live the life of their dreams because I have learned that






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